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Free Ebook - Stuff Happens: The Backup and Restore Guide

Stuff Happens: The Backup and Restore Guide`

Stuff Happens: The Backup and Restore Guid

Table of Contents

What is a backup and why do I need one?

The Master Backup Plan

Where are my files and what should I back up?

Quick Backup List

Detailed Backup Checklist

How can I best organize my files for an easy backup?

Just Back It Up!

Windows Backup and Restore

Separate Personal Files from Windows Files and Programs

Create a Data Partition

Permanently Move User Profile

Activate Administrator account

Create Account with Administrator Privileges

Copy and Move Your User Profile

Link to New Profile Location

Suggested Folder Structure

How often should I run a backup?

What are the best backup and restore tools and strategies

Types of Backups

Full Backup

Differential Backup

Incremental Backup


Backup Strategies

Online Backup or Sync


Application Profiles and Files



Backup Tools

Local and FTP Backup: Cobian Backup

Local Backup and Sync: Alternative Programs

Outlook Backup: Outlook Personal Folders Backup

Mozilla Backup: MozBackup

Online Sync: Dropbox

Online Backup: Mozy

Backing Up Other Devices


Where should I back up to?

Comparison of Different Backup Media

Which Backup Medium to Choose

Where to Store Backup Media

Documents Your Life or Business Depends On

Personal Files

Large Collections

How can I back up and restore my operating system?

System Restore Points

Create a Restore Point

Use a Restore Point

Drive or System Image

Create a System Image

Use a System Image

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