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Free DiskAnalyzer Pro 3.4 license worth USD39.00

Free DiskAnalyzer Pro 3.4 license worth USD39.00

DiskAnalyzer Pro helps you to locate and remove space wasting files on your hard disk drive. You can see exact disk space utilization with detailed disk space reports. You can see reports grouped by file types, attributes, file size, ownership, date and time.

The program enables to search and filter for all types of files, move or delete unwanted files, copy files to another path, compress files and create a single ZIP file. All disk space reports can be saved to external files such as HTML, CSV and XML. This is useful if you want to keep disk space reports history or import data into any other program. You can find duplicate files, junk files, temporary and internet files, images, videos, audio files, zip files using DiskAnalyzer Pro.

Read more about DiskAnalyzer Pro  here

Geta Free license of DiskAnalyzer Pro just today (June 27, 2011) which will costs you $39 otherwise from here

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