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Free Cyberlink DVD Suite 7 Centra full version worth 49.90£


The CyberLink DVD Suite 7 Centra combines 13 multi-media solutions for your surround-sound home theatre and entertainment centre.

Award-Winning Home Cinema: With PowerDVD, you’ll enjoy true cinema feeling right at your PC, giving you best playback quality with high-fidelity surround-sound. More than just a replay function, this software lets you re-organise the order of scenes, giving your films brand-new meaning.

New: Movie Playback and Remix : Movie Playback includes home theatre quality Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS audio support for Blu-ray playback, supporting AVCREC and commercial Blu-ray Disc. Movie Remix lets you create new stories from your favourite DVD movies.

Data Burning by Drag and Drop :The Vista Sidebar gadget makes DVD and Blu-ray disc-burning quick and easy. File naming and tagging features facilitate file location with the Quick Search function.

Easy Video Editing and Photo Slideshows : Now you can download images directly from Flickr and audios from Freesound, creating one-of-a-kind slideshows using the advanced tools for multiple display styles. Key frame and customisable picture settings promise professional editing results in an adjustable work environment.

Fully-Supported Disc Authoring : High definition menus fully support DVD and Blu-ray disc authoring. A variety of templates offer a wide choice of designs you can customise. Plus, you can create AVCHD DVDs and enjoy Dolby Digital 5.1 playback on your home theatre system.

Direct Online Community Access : Movie Live and Director Zone Communities give members and fans an on-line platform for sharing and downloading their own DVD remixes, templates and effects. Moovie Live's rapidly growing film library database – from ratings to reviews – can be accessed and contributed to by all community members.


PowerDVD: Play Blu-ray Discs and DVDs, remix DVDs, build a DVD library

PowerDirector: Edit high-definition videos and photos

PowerProducer: Author DVDs and Blu-ray Discs

Power2Go and InstantBurn: Burn files to DVDs and Blu-ray Discs

MediaShow: Manage digital media and create slideshows

Moovie Live: Share remixes, DVD information and personal reviews

DirectorZone: Access unlimited user-generated effects and templates

PowerBackup: Archive data to DVDs and Blu-ray Discs

PowerDVD Copy: Copy DVDs with video content

Power2Go: Rip music and create music discs

LabelPrint: Create disc labels

PowerStarter: Access tasks and update software

This software will cost u 49.90£ (around 75$), but you can get this application for free now. to get this

1. Go to this page

2. Click Buy Full Version 


3. on the next page Enter the promotional code (below) and click ok



4.  Make sure that "Total inc. VAT " is    £0.00 and Click Place your Order

5. Click Submit button

6.  If you don't have an account create account (if you created it on the middle of this process just check shopping basket tab and Continue the process

7.  You will see a congratulations message with a "My Download" link, click on that to get the serial number and download link (You will also get an email too)

Free-yberlink DVD Suite 7 Centra 

[Via Computelogy]

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