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Free Caps and Num lock Indicator

main window

Version 2.0 is released with screen capture and more features. Free Caps and Num lock Indicator 2.0– Now supports screen capture

Recently I bought a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. They are working just fine, but I faced an issue as the keyboard do not have Caps Lock and Num Lock indicator lights. So I searched for a software indicator which will display it on the monitor. There are some good ones, but later I decided to write my own.

It took just few hours to develop one windows application using C#. This application is portable, just 59Kb and while running it may take 5MB of your RAM.


Enable or Disable alerts for a specific item (NumLock/CapsLock)

Enable/Disable alert sound

Add/Remove auto start when windows starting (The application will start minimized to tray if you have added it to startup)

Minimize to tray

Show balloon tips on status change

Show the status as tray icon

To add to Startup click the button “Auto Start”

Add to Auto start

You can see the Caps Lock and Num Lock status on the system tray as below. the first dot represents Caps lock and second one num lock.

tray icons

Download from here (Version 2.0 available now from here)

To Uninstall

If you have added it to the Startup, just remove the startup entry by clicking the Remove button. and just delete the file, nothing else.

Remove startup entry


This Application will not create any files etc in your system. It will create only a registry entry, that too only if you want it to start it on windows startup.

If you like this application or want few additional features, please contact us (using the contact us form) or leave a comment on this page.