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Free 6 month genuine license for Trustport USB Antivirus 2010

Trust port USB antivirus is designed to protect the portable devices. It includes  Antivirus and antispyware


1. On-access protection - After connecting the flash disk to the desired computer, the program ensures the safety of all files that are being stored.

2. On-demand scanner - According to your needs can scan files, folders, or drives on the host computer.

3. Encryption module - Archive Encryption module protects sensitive data by storing them in encrypted archives.

4. Shredding module - Data Shredder module enables shredding of already unused private files.

5. Proactive protection - The program does not only detect viruses according to the virus database, but also by heuristic analysis of the code’s structure and behavior.


To get a free 6 month genuine license of Trustport USB Antivirus 2010

1. Go to the promotional page

2.  Enter  Details

Full Name

Email Address

Three email addresses (you can enter up to 5)


Message to the friends

3. Click Submit

4. A link will be mailed to all the email addresses you have provided. When 3 of them click and confirm the email addresses you will recive your Key as an email.


5. Download Trustport USB Antivirus 2010


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