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Free 2Gb Cloud Storage for Airtel Users


Airtel offers Free 2GB cloud storage for the users.   All you have to do is install the Airtel Thanks application (here is the Play Store link), and register using your Airtel phone number.

On the home screen you can see a banner just like above which says “Why delete data? Create a backup !, Get FREE 2GB cloud storage on our app”. Click on that banner it will give you an option to upload the files to your cloud.


If you cannot see the banner, go to the “more”  icon on the bottom right, select My Airtel and then Airtel backup. Choose Manage from the screen.


Once upload started and if you want to cancel it, from the notification section click cancel sync.

One of the main draw back I found is, the backup option do not provide an option to choose individual file to upload, what you can select is the entire category of Music/Photos/Videos. The interface is not that user friendly.