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Free 200 GB online space

Free 200 GB online space[4]

Cloud up is service which offers free 200 Gb of online storage.  The difference from other services is that it restricts the number of files you can store to 1000. That is either you can store 1000 items or 200GB. If you want to store large files online, this service will be helpful for you.

Free 200 GB online space

Cloudup for windows is available which will support XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Also for the Mac, and they are working on the  smart phones applications.

The windows application supports multiple file uploads with drag and drop feature support. The service allow you to share the items to public or private.


Video transcoding to support all browsers and operating systems

Supports multiple formats to make sure cross platform and software compatibility

group items

Watch everything on browsers, don’t want any dedicated application

Regarding Security

The Cloudup team is serious about security, which is why we use the finest Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and encryption protection methods out there. Cloudup stream URLs are not crawlable by search engines and will only be indexed in obscured results if they are shared in a public space (e.g. social media channels, your blog, etc.), and no one can view your password-protected streams without your permission. 

This service is not yet active but you can request an invite on the home page here

Free 200 GB online space invitation 

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