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Forward Scam emails to Re:Scam to engage Scammers


Are you getting scam emails which offer you a lot of money? If you are aware of the scams you probably delete the emails. But there are a lot of people around the world who are getting affected by these scammers. Scammers are sending too many emails which they are harvested, when a person respond to the email they get in touch with further email or phone calls. When you delete an email from a scammer they are getting more time for finding a new prey.

Netsafe started a new service named Re:Scam. This is an artificial Intelligent email bot which will get engaged with the scammers, for Free. Re:Scam, it can imitate different humans by adding grammatical mistakes, typos,  humor extra to a conversation so that the scammer will not find that it is coming from a same  email bot.

Fight Scammers

How to Engage the Scammers ?

What you have to do is just forward the email you received to, The AI email bot will do the email conversation with the scammers, and will send you summary of the conversation it had. The conversation can be indefinite.

Remember the bot will not use your email address to contact the scammer.

Watch the following video to get an idea how it works

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Re:Scam website:

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