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Follow the World Cup 2014 on Twitter, and personalize your profile with a team badge

The World Cup 2014 kicked off yesterday in Brazil, with the host Country taking on Croatia.

Twitter WC

But we are not covering the match here, instead we are looking at how you can follow the World Cup on Twitter and personalize your Twitter profile.

Twitter added a new sidebar to the timeline, with the details of the match including the competing teams, the time of the match (in your local time), and a link which says Follow Match. this is actually a link for the official hashtag for the match for eg: is for #BRAvsCRO

1. First you have to Opt In to receive the World Cup Scores on your timeline.

Twitter WC Scores Opt in

2. The next step is picking a team. (Optional Step)

Twitter WC pick a team

3. Twitter will offer you some profile pictures with your team badges, you can pick one. Or upload one of your own pictures. (Optional Step)

Twitter WC Profile Pic

4. You will be offered an option to follow popular accounts related to the team you picked, including the Country’s Football players, Clubs, and Brands. (Optional Step)

Twitter WC Accounts based on your team selection

If you skipped selecting a team, you will be offered an option to follow various football related accounts.

Twitter WC Popular Football Accounts

5. The next step is a bit odd, it offers you to follow various accounts, that are not related to football. At least, it was in my case. It offered me five accounts, because some of them had the email address I use on Twitter. I was a bit surprised, as 3 of them were complete strangers, who I have never tweeted to or followed in the past.

6. The final step in this process, allows you to Tweet a message supporting the team you selected, along with a link to the Pick a team (which I mentioned in Step 2)

Twitter Tweet and Support your Team WC

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