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Flyte Birthday Mp3 giveaway Change in Conditions

Flyte Birthday Mp3 giveaway Change in Conditions

Earlier we have posted about Mp3 Album Giveaway by Flyte (from Flipkart) which offers 100 Albums everyday till 28th February 2013, that is around 1000 Free Mp3 Albums for you. Read it here

Earlier they have told that if you add the albums to your library that will be there on your library for lifetime, but yesterday they have changed the terms and conditions such as you will have to download the songs at least once before March 3rd 2013 if you want them in your library, If you have not downloaded a song before march 3rd it will disappeared from your library .

All free songs that you have downloaded at least once to your PC/Mobile on or before 3rd March,2013 will remain in your MP3 Library for life. You can re-download them in future to any of your devices from your MP3 Library.

We request you to download all free songs/albums that you added to your Library during the promotion period, by 3rd March,2013. After 3rd March,2013, any non-downloaded (that is, not just added to MP3 Library) free songs/albums will expire and become unavailable to you for download from your MP3 Library. If you have downloaded a song even once, it becomes yours to download from the MP3 Library even later.

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