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Flipkart launches image search on its App

Flipkart has launched an innovative approach to shopping on its mobile app. A new feature called Image search has been added to shop for products via images. We are now waiting for competitors like Amazon and Snapdeal to respond with their own versions. Anyways Flipkart wants its users to immediately get to their favourite products or similar items. Accessing the image search is very simple. Just tap on the image/camera icon on the search bar in the app and start searching for your product by selecting a photo or clicking an image. So next time gals you are in a shop, just click a photo of that favourite dress/shoe and see instant matches online. A great way to compete with offline sellers.




A qoute from the blog post which explains the crux of this idea: -

A typical offline shopper would walk into a store, find interesting products and ask the salesperson to show similar products available in their lineup. After reviewing a series of offline shopping experiences, it was revealed that users were unable to draw parallels to an online experience. This is how Image Search came into the picture.

By leveraging inbuilt device capabilities like the camera, users can now search for fashion products, close to what they’ve seen—just by clicking a picture. The new feature is a big step that attempts to bridge offline to online experience in the fashion space. Currently available in beta version, this is going to be a game changer in online fashion shopping.

The blog post can be read here:-

Please note that the image search is still in a Beta testing stage and will be available for all users to use when you update to the latest version of the Flipkart app.