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Flipkart Offers huge discount on Screen guards, cables, mobile cases and headphones

Flipkart Offers Screen guards for INR 11 including shipping

Today flipkart offers huge discount on the Screen guards, Cables, Mobile cases and covers, headphones and laptop skins.  I just bought 3 mobile screen guards for just INR 33 including shipping.

Screen guards are available for less than INR 11, some including shipping and some excluding shipping.

INR 11 for screen guards

Huge discount on cables

Cables are vailable less than INR 49 it includes OTG cables, Charger cables, Audio AUX cables etc.

huge discount on cases and covers

Mobile cases and covers are available for below INR 99.

discount on headphones

You can get headphones for an amount less than INR 199.

Laptop skins are available for less than INR 99.

All the above items may be with shipping charges included or excluded, so check the amount including shipping before you purchase the product. We prefer you read our article Are you buying products online ?– things to consider -part II before you purchase.

act fast some of the items are already out of stock.