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Five new official Windows 7 themes from Microsoft

Microsoft has released five new official themes for windows 7 - City Lights, Taiwan Sketches, Behind the Masks, Calligraphy and Naruto Shippuden 5. The theme City Lights consists of 11 awesome photographs taken by Talha Tariq and the other two themes – Taiwan sketches and Behind the Masks - are the sketches and drawings of Chinese artist Cheng Ling – depicting the everyday life in Taiwan and mask drawings respectively. Also, the theme Calligraphy has calligraphic ink sketches while the theme Naruto Shippuden 5 has a series of wallpapers from the movie.

You can read here more on the photographer Talha Tariq and the Chinese artist Cheng Ling.

City Lights theme

Gorgeous time-lapse photographs by Talha Tariq capture the twilit glamour of two great Pacific Northwest cities, Vancouver and Seattle. A free theme for Windows 7.

Read more and download City Lights theme

Taiwan Sketches theme

Train stations, boat docks, road-side markets, and other scenes of everyday life in Taiwan are affectionately captured by artist Cheng Ling in this free theme for Windows 7 desktops.