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Firefly Runner–Free Game for Windows, Android, iOS phones and PC

Firefly Runner–Free Windows phone Game

Here is a infinite running game for your Smart phones and Windows from Red Kite Games. The game is a free running game with nice graphics.

The hero of the game is a firefly, who will have to shoot the villains like spiders, slugs, hornets, praying mantises etc. while running. You will be able to find keys and which can be used to save your friends from the cages too.


Firefly free game


3 different environments are available.

Challenge your reflexes by running, flying and firing your deadly slingshot to take out Switch’s insect foes like grumpy hornets, burping slugs and scuttling spiders. Always make sure to keep a watchful eye for those mischievous praying mantises or else their deadly traps are likely to catch you by surprise.

The game is available for your Windows Phones, Android and iOS phones or even on your PC for Free. The PC version is Free for just two more days , after that you will have to pay nearly 1$ for this game.

You can read more and get all store links from the official page of the Firefly Runner game here