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Find the right Android phone for you–Google tool

Find the right Android phone for you

As you know more more companies are coming to world market of Android phones with their phones, now you can find variety of phones which will suit your budget. You may get confused too while choosing a phone. Now Google can help you to choose your device.

Google introduced a tool named “Which Phone”, using this tool you can find an Android phone which suits after collecting your requirements. There are 12 sections in which you need to choose at least 3 sections before you get a suggestion from Google. The sections available are



Email and scheduling of work

Social Media




Physical activity tracking





I think Google should add one more section related to the battery backup of the phone too.

After getting the results you can sort them based on Size (small,medium, large) Price range (low, mid, high), Carriers and released date.

Best phone for you

You can use the “Save to my Email” button on the top right corner to send the selections to your email addresses for future reference.

Check this link and find the phone matching your requirement.