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Fermose Uninstaller – Free uninstaller for Windows

Fermose Uninstaller is a free software which allow you to uninstall the software that you installed on your PC. This application offers complete removal of the application you wanted. Also you can create a backup of register keys which contains uninstall information of application.



* Remove installed programs easily.

* You can create a new entry , edit or delete an entry you wanted.

* Create register key backups.

* Lightweight and 100% free.

* Complete uninstalling of the application( from registry too).

* You can set administration password for the application.

* You can tweak(make changes) to this uninstaller to customize the application.




You can read more and download this lightweight and handy uninstaller application from its Homepage.

Click on the above link, it will lead you to its official webpage and hit the download button. After downloading, extract files into a folder and run the application from there.

Note : No need to install this application.