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Feedly – Free News/RSS reader for your Android phones and Tablets

Feedly help you to read the content of your favorite sites. You can browse each and every news from all over the world. It uses RSS to collect the contents of the site you add and deliver them faster than other apps. You can browse RSS feeds, tumblr blogs and YouTube channel too with ease.


Feedly makes browsing faster, you can use this app on android phones and tablets. This app transforms the content of your RSS feeds into pocket-sized card which gives more speed to load the content and ease to browse.


* Browse contents from news sites, RSS feeds, Tumblr blogs and YouTube channels.

* Comparatively Faster and easier to use even for a  beginner.

* Custom UI for phones and tablets, Gives an experience of reading a personalized magazine on your tablets.

* Automatic syncs of configuration between phones and tablets.

* Sync with Google reader, news you read in Feedly are automatically marked as read in Google reader, like that saved articles/Added RSS feeds in Feedly are starred/Added in Google reader automatically.

* You can Share the content you read on twitter, Facebook, and Google+ .Feedly makes it very simple for you, you can share it directly or using buffer.

* Powerful support and frequent updates makes it more functional and feature rich.

* Absolutely free.


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wherever you are, Feedly news reading app for Android phones and tablets should help you to stick around with your favorite news articles and RSS feeds any time. You can read more reviews and Download this app from Google Play Store.