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FeedDemon 3.5 pre-release - Added Stream side bar - new design


FeedDaemon is one of the best desktop feed reader which you can use to integrate with Google Reader. The latest Beta version of FeedDemon 3.5 ( ), introduced a new side bar (Stream). You can use this side bar to view the updates of a specific feeds. This will come handy if you are checking the feeds regularly and need to see the updates from specific feeds or frequently updating feeds such as twitter updates etc.

Added Features

Added: My Stream - shows all starred posts, and all unread posts from the last 24 hours, in selected feeds. Designed to work best with frequently-updating status feeds (Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, etc.)

Added: Twitter feeds are automatically converted from RSS to Atom (since unlike the RSS version, the Atom version contains profile images). This may result in some initial duplication in Twitter feeds.

Added: Further tweaks to reports and newspaper styles (esp. Surfer)

Fixed Features

Fixed: Duplication in non-synched feeds that don't use publication dates (

Fixed: Newspaper grouping always shows in English (

Fixed: Tabbed browser re-opens URLs in the wrong order (

Fixed: Unsubscribe confirmation dialog doesn't display Unicode characters (

Fixed: MediaRSS thumbnails not extracted from Blogger Atom feeds (

Important: This is pre-release software - you will encounter bugs while using it. If you're not comfortable using unfinished software, please wait until the final release of v3.5 before downloading it.

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