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Feed Daemon 3.5 Pre-Release


Feed Daemon, one of the best desktop fed reader utility released a re pre-Release version of its latest version 3.5 with lot of new features and fixes. Because it is a Pre-Release it may contain bugs so it is recommended that you take a back up before you install feed daemon 3.5 version on the top of your existing feed daemon version.

New features

Redesigned newspapers and reports

The "Share" newspaper icon now has a dropdown menu which replaces the annotate, email and "send to" icons

The subscription tree now enables viewing all items published today and yesterday

Search box added to newspaper, which enables searching only the posts displayed in the newspaper

Search results can now be opened in a new browser tab

OAuth support for Twitter feeds

Watches can now be limited to specific folders

Significantly faster renaming of synched folders and tags

Different background color to distinguish between multiple watch keywords

Faster display of folder newspapers

HTTP error report now enables updating all feeds with errors

Added Facebook to list of search providers

The address bar no longer shows http:// in URLs unless it has the focus

Holding Shift+Delete in FeedStation deletes the selected files instead of sending them to the recycle bin

You can read more and download Feeddaemon 3.5 pre-Release version from the Beta site here