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FastRestore - Keep your computer safe

 FastRestore - Keep your computer safe

FastRestore will restore your computer to an original state on each restart. It will rollback all the changes made. This will be a very good option for public computers like Internet café, School computers, etc.  where many will use it.


Protect your computer from malwares like virus, Trojans etc

Can set Manual or automatic restore

Windows 8 Supported

Works with SSD

Can save changes to unprotected drives

We have given away Shadow Defender earlier, which also does the same. If you have Shadow Defender installed on your computer you will not be able to install FastRestore.

FastRestore not compatible with Shadow Defender

This software is USD 29 normally while the first 10000 users can get this free now.

Read more and get a free license of FastRestore from FastRestore Home page. Make sure that you register the key because it will allow first 10000 users to activate that key.