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Fans create a list of all the video games ever made

Have you ever wondered how many video games have ever been made?

PlayStation 4

Well, apparently you are not alone. A 4chan member named, Data_baser has  put together an incredible database, listing all the video games released for various consoles.

And the numbers are staggering, with the total number of games currently listed at close to 44,000.

Be warned however, the lists aren’t browser friendly, here is the primary one which is over 3 MB in size. And, here is another one which is just over 5 MB. Open them one at a time, so they don’t freeze your browser. The games have been listed in alphabetical order and have some additional information related to the game such as, the year of the game’s release, the developer or publisher’s name, the consoles it was made for.

If this list was divided into segments based on the console and genre, this could actually be incredibly useful for someone who wants to look for various games to play.