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Facebook Paper–How to get it outside US

Facebook Paper–How to get it outside US

Facebook is celebrating its 10th birthday. The new application launched for the iOS devices named Paper on this occasion. This application looks really good and seems to be the future Facebook applications will look like the same. The “Paper – stories from Facebook” is only available for the users from United States as of now. If you are outside US, here is how you can get the application.

in simple words just change your Country /Region to United States. If you know how to do that you can get it. If you don’t know how to change it,

Warning: If you added any billing information with your account such as Credit Card details, you will loose that and will have to add it again.

here is the how to

Open App Store on your phone and select “Featured”

Scroll down and click on the button with your Apple Id

get Paper step 1

Click “ View Apple ID” and enter password when prompted

Choose Country /Region and click “Change Country or Region”

Change Country or Region

Click on Store and choose “United States” which will be the top most one and click Next

Accept Terms

Billing Information you can choose “None”

Proceed and finish

Go to App store and Install Paper

After completing that you can change your country to your original one.

We have tried all the steps above and worked perfect for us. And you will love the new Facebook application Paper for the iOS devices for sure. Enjoy.


facebook Paper for iOS 1

facebook Paper for iOS 2

facebook Paper for iOS 3

facebook Paper for iOS 4

facebook Paper for iOS 5

facebook Paper for iOS 6

facebook Paper for iOS 7

facebook Paper for iOS 8

facebook Paper for iOS 9

facebook Paper for iOS 10

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