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FREE AVG Internet Security 2016 for all–Time limited

FREE AVG Internet Security 2016 for all–Time limited

Are you looking for a Antivirus/Internet security for your Windows computer ? Here is a good offer  where you can get the AVG Internet Security 2016 for FREE.

As you may know AVG is providing a FREE antivirus which will have Antivirus and link protection. The antivirus will prevent malwares like virus, worms, Trojans etc. while link protection will scan the links for malicious ones.

AVG Internet Security will have some additional features like Online shield, Data Safe, Anti-Spam and Shopping protection.

Online Shield – It will help you to prevent downloading harmful files to be downloaded to your PC

Data safe – Allows to protect your private valuable files to be encrypted to make it safe. It can also  password protect a file.

Anti-Spam- Your emails will be free of spams and other scam emails.

Shopping protection – A safe banking with a better firewall.

AVG internet security will load consume too much of your PC resources to run. It also have very decent user interface with a better firewall than the Windows firewall which comes with the Windows . The application do not have parental control. If you are running Kaspersky, BitDefender etc. we suggest you to stay with that.

If you are interested you can get FREE AVG Internet Security 2016 from this link. You need to share it on social media, provide your email (it is not a must that it should be a working email). On the next screen you will get the download link. It does not require a key, so we believe it is an extended trial version where you may not get support or upgrades (virus definitions will be updated).

Thank you Ashwin.