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FIFA 15 gets an official trailer, to be released in September

Last week, we told you about the System Requirements for the PC version of FIFA 15.

FIFA 15 Messi

Now, Electronic Arts have released an official video trailer for the game.

Here is the trailer:

One of the major changes in the game, is the introduction of Emotional Intelligence. The game features over 600 new emotional reactions, and the action on the pitch will impact a player’s emotion, for eg: near misses, a terrific goal save, or a bad tackle.

FIFA 15 Emotional Intelligence

FIFA 15 also features 10 man goal celebrations, crowd reactions (celebrations, chants), better commentary, sidelines animations and more for a more realistic feel of the game. The gameplay will now be more competing with better tactics and a smarter AI. The graphics have been cranked up quite a bit, thanks to the Ignite Engine. Notable changes include movement of the player’s hair, kit (which also gets dirty due to mud and grass), facial expressions. The player graphics are also more realistic, and highly detailed. The graphical changes are also visible in the stadium, from the wear and tear of the pitch, movement of the corner flags, animated LED boards and the tremors of the goal frames.

The game will be released on several platforms: Xbox One, PC, PS 4, Xbox 360, PS3. The game is available for pre-order from Origin, Amazon, BestBuy and Gamestop.

FIFA 15 will be officially released on the 23rd of September in North America, on the 25th of September in Europe, and on the 26th of September in the UK.