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Troubleshooting Explorer Crash

I find that my explorer is crashing when am closing a folder window. (You may have this issue when opening a window, browsing through etc). So I just searched the net and find that this may be caused by the 3rd party extensions. So I just disabled the third party extensions and my computer is working fine. Extension are responsible for creating the options you'll see on the menu when you right-click a file using Windows Explorer. Some 3rd party applications will add their own "action" to this menu, and this can cause problems. Just like


If you have this issue try to disable the 3rd party extensions and check. If the problem is not happening again you can enable one by one and find which one is making the issue. Now disable that extension and enable all others.

To disable or enable extensions download ShellExView. ShellExView lets you view all installed shell extensions. If available, it displays the description, as well as version details, company information, location, file name and more. You can optionally disable/enable any item, which can be very useful to disable an extension, that you don't need or that has been left behind in your right click menu from a previous software install. It is a Freeware.

Unzip the Zip file downloaded. Run shexview.exe. Click on Company column to sort it by company name. Now select the  extensions which is not from Microsoft. You can choose multiple items using the CTRL key. Right click and Choose Disable selected Items.

Now check whether the problem persists.  If not enable one by one and check. when you find the extension which making the issue disable that and enable the others.


When you diable all extensions and still the problem exists, this may be due to

  • Corrupted explorer file (Re install windows)
  • Virus (Scan the machine with an updated antivirus)
  • Adware
  • Spyware


Site Ref: Help with Windows