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Ello - An Ad-Free Social Network

Ello is a new social media network. The main difference between other social media websites are it is completely advertisement free. As of now this is an invite only one. Ello also offers you better privacy as your personal details will not be sold to the companies.

Ello - An Ad-Free Social Network

The website says

Ello doesn't sell ads. Nor do we sell data about you to third parties.

Also they says there will be some special features which are available to the people who pay small amount of money.  Ello also says they do collect your information to learn how people are using the website and if you want you can opt-out from this too.

We don’t know how many days will they stay advertisement free as most of the social media sites were advertisement free (or having less advertisements) earlier as kate said

If you are interested you can request an invitation from this link. You can view some public profiles.

You may also use facemaker to replace your face with the ello logo just like