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Easter Eggs in Applications Firefox, Winrar, Feed Daemon, uTorrent

Easter Egg 1. Feed daemon Game

Enter "FeedDemon Easter Egg" (with out quotes) in the "Web address or search phrase" bar and press enter


It will open a game


Easter Egg 2 - Open Firefox inside a Firefox Tab

Open Firefox and type "chrome://browser/content/browser.xul" (with out quotes) and press enter


Easter Egg 3 - Firefox

1. Type about:robots in the address bar


2. Type about:mozilla in address bar


Easter Egg 4 - Winrar

Open winrar, Go to Help => About Winrar and Click on the Books

Winrar-Easter-Egg winrar-Easter-Egg-3

Easter Egg 4 - uTorrent

Open uTorrent go to Help => About uTorrent and Press Ctrl+T

uTorrent-Easter-Egg-1 uTorrent-Easter-Egg-2

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