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Earhoox – Get it for free

Earhoox–Get it for fee

Earhoox is a small thing which you can connect with your earbuds or earpods so that it will will stay on your ear with out any problems. It is available on different colors.

Earhoox for earbuds


Earhoox for Earpods



Watch the video below for more details

The product is available to purchase for $10 (there will be international shipping charges additional, the shipping to the United states will be free).  To get it for free, you will have to invite your friends Try it. If you 5 of your friends join you will get a starter pack.

If 10 people joined you will get a share pack

For 25 you can get a Earhoox of with custom color

and for 50 users you can get 1 earhoox every month (for ever says the website)

Now Try it.