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Drupe–Android application to access your contacts with a Swipe

Drupe–Android application to Access your contacts with a Swipe

Drupe is an Android application which will help you to access your contacts from any screen and choose the actions you need to do with that contact.  It is really easy to use and as it offers the recent calls, messages etc, and even a contact search you can use this application as a dialer on your android phone.

The Drupe will display 4 dots on your screen (You can choose the place by pressing and holding the dots and placing it ). Swiping the dots will display your favorite contacts (You can set this to recent logs from the settings). Swiping left again will show the recent interations, if you want to show your whatsapp, Hangout history just allow the Drupe to have access to your notifications

Drupe Access to notifications

You can customize the actions displayed on the right side from the settings. Just drag and drop contact from left side to the action you needed, that’s all

Drupe drag contact to action

Settings Screen

Drupe Settings Screen

You can use search option by selecting the keypad option on the bottom left side

Drupe Search

This application allows you to access the recent notification or contact from anywhere, such as while you are using an application, or watching a video etc. It is a free application available on the Play store, if you are interested you can read more on the official website of Drupe and or get it directly from the play store