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Dropquest 2012 - Win 1GB Of Free Dropbox Space and More

dropquest 2012

Just like last year, Dropbox is conducting a a multi-step scavenger hunt Dropquest where you can win

1st place (1) Dropbox employee hoodie, LIMITED EDITION Dropbox Hack Week t-shirt, Dropbox drawing signed by the entire Dropbox team, invitation to help write the next Dropquest, 100 GB for life

2nd place (10) Dropbox employee hoodie, Dropbox t-shirt, 20 GB for life

3rd place (15) Dropbox t-shirt, 5 GB for life

4th place (50) 2 GB for life

5th place (100) 1 GB for life

Here is the link to the Dropquest 2012  (Link will be active only after the May 12, at 10AM PST )

Dropquest starts Saturday, May 12, at 10AM PST (17:00 GMT).

[Via DropBox Blog]

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