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Downwell for Android is now available for Rs. 65 in India (67% off)

Downwell for Android, the mobile port of the popular PC action adventure platformer game from Devolver Digital, is on sale for a steep discount. The game features a boy who journeys down a well full of monsters, in search for treasure.

Downwell for Android
The only weapon he has are his gunboots, which shoot the baddies. As a bonus, each shot slows the descent, which is otherwise too speedy, so you can use it to your advantage.

You have limited health though, so you will need to skill to pass caverns, collect gems. etc and then use upgrades, combos, buy food and drink at the shop, to increase the maximum health. Likewise, you can buy various upgrades to assist your falls. The game is procedurally generated, to make each gameplay unique, so there is infinite replayability.

Downwell for Android normally costs Rs. 200, on the Google Play Store. But you can buy it for 67% off, at just Rs. 65 in India. The game is on sale for a similar price, at $0.99, in the US. Also, worth noting is that another of Devolver Digital's popular games, Reigns, is also on sale for Rs.65. It iis more of a humorous game, if that is your cup of tea.