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Designers and developers can share snapshots, links, codes and questions through Forrst

Forrst is an online community for designers and developers who wish to share screenshots, links, codes and questions with their peers. Currently it is an invite-only community in beta version. If you’d like to become a member, you can apply using the form given in the site. Invites are sent out daily.

You can share pieces of codes, screenshots of your works, informative links, get inspirations, and seek answers for your doubts through Forrst.

It has a well-designed user interface. After login, you will be directed to a dashboard showing recent activity. All categories in the header have subcategories. The questions are highlighted well in the section to seek answers. In the code sharing section, the codes can be easily read due to proper alignment and highlighted syntaxes. In the image posting section, you are not allowed to post photos except those which shows anything designed by you. Any user can comment on any post in any section or can "Like it".

If you want to apply for an invite, visit here.