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Delete your online accounts easily with

Online security is a big concern these days thanks to malware, hacking, identity thefts and what not.

Delete your online accounts easily

In some rare cases, you may want to/or have to delete your online account on a website.

There could be various reasons for doing so. Perhaps you had an argument with another member, or was the victim of cyber bullying, or being targetted by spammers, or maybe you need to stay away from someone for a personal reason. There could even be positive reasons to delete an account, for example: like getting a better username with a new account, or to take advantage of an upgrade offer/promo and so many more.

Sometimes, we are left with no option but to totally abandon the account, like for example after it was hacked. But if you do manage to recover a compromised account, it would be wiser to delete it to prevent further data loss, since hackers could have leaked your email id/username information elsewhere. And this is when the bigger problem appears. How do you delete the account?

Usually, most web services have a set of criteria, fulfilling which, you will be able to delete the account permanently. Some websites however, do not allow you to delete the account/username though. But you could still delete your posts/account information to be safe. is a website which gives you instructions on how to delete a web account on popular services. Details about how to delete your account in Gmail, Google, YouTube,Twitter, Facebook and more are available.

Just a friendly bit of advice here, keep in mind that normally it is impossible to get the same username back once you delete the account. So think twice before you delete the account. And if you wish to delete your account on public forums, contact an administrator or moderator by sending them a private message and request them for account deletion. On most forums, the request is accepted with no questions asked.