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Cyanogen Inc announces it is shutting down, but CyanogenMod’s sources will remain available for developers

Cyanogen Inc, the company founded by a group of developers who created the most popular Android custom ROM, CyanogenMod, has announced that the company is shutting down.


Cyanogen never had a great start to be honest. It's former CEO, Kirt McMaster, was always under flak, for his outspoken comments like “Cyanogen wants to take Android away from Google”, and of course the company had some sour relationships with OEMs like OnePlus and Micromax YU. It even tried its hand in partnering with software companies, such as Microsoft.

Cyanogen co-founder Steve Kondik, who quit the company earlier this month,  singled out McMaster as the reason of the company’s failure. McMaster later stepped down from his post, and took over the position Executive Chairman. Now that ends too, and users of devices with CyanogenOS (such as the OnePlus One), will need to look elsewhere for firmware updates. But there is a small ray of hope for CyanogenMod fans.

The ROM itself is open source, and has developers contributing to it. Cyanogen has announced that CyanogenMod will remain available, and open source for developers to build ROMs. So don't worry, your favorite ROM looks like it will always be there.