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Microsoft in talks with Sony about crossplay on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg has mentioned in an interview with Gamereactor, that the Redmond company is in talks with Sony about crossplay on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One (and possibly the One X too). This will allow gamers to play multiplayer with each other regardless of the platform they are on.

crossplay on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

That's pretty cool, and is not exactly shocking. Why would they support a rival console? Well it could help them sell more games on their own store, and may also boost their console sales. For example fans of exclusive franchises such as the Uncharted, Infamous, Bloodborne may go for the PS4, while fans of Quantum Break, Halo, Gears of War and Forza could opt for the Xbox One or the upcoming Xbox One X. But crossplay between the two platforms could mean that they can still game with their friends, regardless of getting the other console.

As much as I love the PS4, the one thing that I hate about it, is the lack of backwards compatibility. Sony's current gen console does not support games from the PlayStation 3. That's basically because of a hardware emulation issue, but the company does allow players to buy the games and play them via its streaming service, PS Now.

That is seriously annoying, compared to the Microsoft Xbox One, which allows players to play any Xbox 360 games on it. You don’t even have to buy the games again if you already owned it on the 360. That's how it should be done. Not by selling remastered versions again and again. Take a hint Sony.