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Create PDF version of a webpage

PDFmyURL is a website which will allow you to create a pdf version of a webpage.

You can use it by

1. Go to the home page and submit your URL there

2. Giving URL like

There are many advanced options available , some of them are given below (From the website)

You can mix-and-match the underneath options to customize the pdf to your needs.

     --original-url                        Set the --header-right parameter to be the url of the created pdf page.
     --filename <filename>           Set the filename to download, default is a filename made from the url.
-O, --orientation <orientation>     Set orientation to Landscape or Portrait
-s, --page-size <size>              Set paper size to: A4, Letter, etc.
-p, --proxy <proxy>                 Use a proxy
     --username <username>           HTTP Authentication username
     --password <password>           HTTP Authentication password
     --custom-header <name> <value>  Set an additional HTTP header (single)
-b, --book                          Set the options one would usually set when
                                     printing a book
     --cover <url>                   Use html document as cover. It will be
                                           inserted before the toc with no headers
                                     and footers
-H, --default-header                Add a default header, with the name of the
                                     page to the left, and the page number to
                                     the right, this is short for:
                                     --header-right='[page]/[toPage]' --top 2cm
-t, --toc                           Insert a table of content in the beginning
                                     of the document
-d, --dpi <dpi>                     Change the dpi explicitly (this has no
                                     effect on X11 based systems)
     --page-height <unitreal>        Page height (default unit millimeter)
     --page-width <unitreal>         Page width  (default unit millimeter)
-n, --disable-javascript            Do not allow web pages to run javascript
-g, --grayscale                     PDF will be generated in grayscale
-l, --lowquality                    Generates lower quality pdf/ps. Useful to
                                     shrink the result document space
-B, --margin-bottom <unitreal>      Set the page bottom margin (default 10mm)
-L, --margin-left <unitreal>        Set the page left margin (default 10mm)
-R, --margin-right <unitreal>       Set the page right margin (default 10mm)
-T, --margin-top <unitreal>         Set the page top margin (default 10mm)

you can read more on the advanced options by clicking the “Advanced Options” link on the site. You can also get a bookmarklet from the website. You can Use this service to check doubtful urls which may be having trojans or viruses or can be phishing.

Just create a pdf version of that URL and check the url is safe or not.