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Christmas Wallpaper collections

Christmas is close, here is some beautiful X’mas wallpaper collections for your computer.

Advanced Christmas wishes for our readers.

Collection 1

Christmas wallpaper collection 01

Santa on the roof

Christmas wallpaper collection 02

Sweet Christmas

Christmas wallpaper collection 03

Xmas Kitty

Christmas wallpaper collection 04

Merry Christmas - Tree

Christmas wallpaper collection 05

Christmas Volcano

Christmas wallpaper collection 06

Merry Christmas Single

Christmas wallpaper collection 07

Where Christmas Gifts Are Born

Christmas wallpaper collection 08

Waiting for the Miracle

Get these wallpapers from this link. there 60 beautiful wallpapers added to that collection.

Collection 2

Xmas wallpaper collection 01

A wallpaper of Christmas – link


Merry Christmas – link

Xmas wallpaper collection 04

Arctic-Christmas- link

Xmas wallpaper collection 05

Its Christmas time- link


Christmas Holidays v. Red – link


Christmas Night wallpaper – link


Christmas Wallpaper – link


Blue Christmas – link


A magic Christmas – link


I will have a blue Christmas – link


Merry Christmas wallpaper– link


Christmas wallpaper – link

Here is a wallpaper collection which have many different resolution even for you mobile Phones.

christmas_wallpaper_Mobile and PC

Get this pack from this link

Here are some similar ones from the same designer

Xmas wallpaper collection for mobile and computer 01

Xmas wallpaper collection for mobile and computer 02

Xmas wallpaper collection for mobile and computer 03

Xmas wallpaper collection for mobile and computer 04

Xmas wallpaper collection for mobile and computer 05

Xmas wallpaper collection for mobile and computer 06

You can get them from this link, there are so many others on the same page.

Google will be displaying a special header when your search term includes the word “Christmas”. You can watch the video below to see it or just visit Google and  search for Christmas.

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