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Century old photos of Antarctica found in Captain Scott's hut

Photo negatives from the 1915 expedition of Captain Robert Scott, have been discovered in Antarctica.

Alexander Stevens

The expedition known as The Ross Sea Party, ended disastrously after their ship the Aurora, broke free of her moorings leaving them stranded on ice. All the members of the expedition eventually died of extreme cold and starvation.

Captain Robert Scott


Recently, the New Zealand’s Antarctic Heritage Trust have revealed that they have discovered some of the photographic negatives from the Captain’s hut at  Cape Evans. The cellulose  nitrate negatives  were found in a small box, in the expedition photographer, Herbert  Ponting’s  darkroom.  It is really surprising that they have lasted a century after the box was frozen into ice.

The NZAHT have revealed that they have restored 22 images, and you can view them all at the New Zealand’s Antarctic Heritage Trust website, NZAHT.

The photographs were restored by Photographic Conservator Mark  Strange.

via: The Verge, Image credits: Wikipedia , Imaging Resource & the NZAHT.