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Call of Duty World War II launch date and prices announced for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Call of Duty World War II was announced yesterday in a live stream, by Activision. The popular first person shooter game series, returns to its roots, to the battlegrounds in Europe.

Call of Duty WWII

Apart from the Multiplayer, and Co-Operative modes, Call of Duty World War II has a single-player campaign too, with the story revolving around Private Red Daniels. The game features the the US 1st Infantry Division, and missions includes the D-Day invasion of Normandy, Battle of the Bulge and more. The game also features a female character in the French resistance, whom you can play as.

As far as the system requirements go, we only know that Call of Duty World War II will run on Windows 7 64 bit and above, with DirectX 11.

You can re-watch the Call of Duty®: WWII Reveal Livestream

And here is the official Call of Duty: WWII trailer with actual gameplay footage

Call Of Duty World War II prices:

You can pre-order Call of Duty World War II to gain access to the beta, the launch date of which is unknown. Call of Duty WWII has been priced $60 (Rs. 4,400 in India, which is about $9 higher) on Steam for Windows PC, Xbox One Store, and PlayStation 4. The Call of Duty World War II Deluxe Edition with the Season Pass has been priced at $100, and the Indian price of which is Rs. 7,000 which translates to about $109.

We are not sure why the game has been listed at a higher than the regular price in India. But then again, Activision is infamous for selling its oldest Call Of Duty games at extremely high prices in all regions, with terrible discounts. For example the first game in the series from 2003, still sells for $19.99 (lowest price was $9.79 @50% off), and for Rs. 1,300 in India (Rs.565 at 50% off).

So, we would not recommend buying the game at this price, maybe you can find a better deal on third party stores. But if you are a die-hard fan of Call of Duty, go ahead to the official web page and pre-order it.

Call of Duty: WW II will be launched on November 3rd for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The beta version of Call of Duty WW II will be released on the PS4 first.