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BubbleNews – Earn from your posts, share and like

Here is a new social media website. This website is having a lot difference than the other ones like Facebook. The most important thing is that they share the revenue to the users. And you can redeem your earnings when you reach USD 50. You will earn for the likes, shares etc. too.

There are few restrictions for the posts. They are

Content should be your own

Should be at least 400 characters length

Supports English only (expected to support more languages soon)

I just created an account and I got $1. I posted one and got $0.01. Still don’t know much about  the process. You can share it on the other social medias like Twitter and Facebook to get more views and thus earn more.

earn for your posts

There not much details about you to share with the website, it is just the Name, Email and birthday. The about me is optional. So here also this service differs a lot from Facebook.

Like the @ symbol on Twitter and Facebook you can mention a user by the symbol &. The the + symbol replaces the #.

For those who spend a lot of time on Social media, and who have good skills to write can now either try this bubblenews or can start a blog to earn something Open-mouthed smile. The minimum 400 characters condition make this like a site a blog with lot of writers covering a wide range of articles. As per terms and conditions they content you share should be genuine and your own. So if that is matched, expecting this website on the top of Google search results soon.

Here is the website link -

and you can see my profile on the website here