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Browser Guard - Free utility from Trend Micro to prevent Zero-day attacks

Browser guard is a free security browser plug-in from Trend Micro to stop  Zero-day attacks and other wed threats.

Proactively protect your browser against new Web Threats. Browser Guard 2010 has zero-day vulnerability prevention and protects against malicious JavaScript using advanced heuristics and emulation technologies.

Key Benefits

Protects against zero day exploits

Detects buffer-overflow and heap-spray attacks

Protects against execution of shell code

Analyzes and protects against malicious JavaScript

Connects with Trend Micro Smart Protection Network to maximize detections

System Requirement

Microsoft Windows XP Home/Professional (with SP2 or newer)

Windows Vista (with the latest service pack)

Microsoft Windows 7

Windows Internet Explorer 6.0 and newer

Note: x64 operating systems are not supported.

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