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Blogengine and Googlemail (Gmail)

I just moved from godaddy to reliabehost, so i was using Godaddy’s relaying for sending mails (SMTP in settings). Now am using google apps for my mail service, so wanted to change the settings, but what ever things I tried to change the test mail sending failed. I had search in net and found that the port used should be 587.

So here goes the settings

E-mail address : Your receiving email address
SMTP server :
Port number : 587
Username : your mail address (, if you are using apps then yourname@yourdomain)
Password : Password (it will not be encrypted, care
Enable SSL : check the check box
Send comment e-mail : It is up to you choose or not to choose
Subject prefix : To identify the mail you can add the blog name or something like that

So thats all you are done, check the mail sending. (It will be better if your sending and receiving email address is not same, other wise it will show the from as “me” and sometimes pop3 client will not download them)