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Bird steals egg camera & films aerial footage of a Rockhopper penguin colony

A Striated Caracara, a bird belonging to the Falcon family, stole an egg camera which was being used to film a TV documentary about Penguins.

Striated Caracara steals an egg camera - Aerial footage


Guess what happened when the Caracara stole the camera? It captured some amazing footage, in what was the first ever aerial footage of a Penguin colony to have been taken by a flying bird.

And here is our curious Cinematographer who captured the stunning footage from above.

Striated Caracara steals an egg camera

Initially, the hungry Caracara approaches the egg, and begins to peck at it and uses it’s talon to claw at the innocent camera. The egg rolls down a small slope amongst the Penguins, but is undamaged. Then the Caracara flies down next to the egg and tries to carry it away, which resulted in the video below.

Sadly, the Caracara lost the egg camera, which fell from it’s claws. A Turkey Vulture spots the egg.

Turkey Vulture gets the egg camera

The Turkey Vulture is soon joined by another, and the two chase down the rolling egg down another slope, but fail to stop it, and the egg camera returns to the Rockhopper colony.

The footage is taken from the BBC series “Penguins - Spy in the Huddle”. The film is narrated by Scottish actor David Tennant, of Doctor Who fame.

Source: The Verge.