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Beta Giveaway - Free Beta Key of Dead Island Epidemic

Beta Giveaway - Free Beta Key of Dead Island Epidemic

Do you like zombie killing games ?  Here is one “Dead Island Epidemic” . This game is a team play where you will be playing with three other characters and finish the zombies. There are multiple characters and weapons you can choose from. The more you play with a specific characters your character will get more powerful. You can upgrade your weapons to increase the destruction.


Use keyboard to move your character (no mouse to move), you can use W, A, S and D keys to move

Build your own weapons


Watch the game play trailer below

Read more about the game here

If you are interested to play this game , you can get a free Beta Key of Dead Island Epidemic from ign.  To get this

1. Visit the promotional page here You will have to login (create a free account if you don’t have an account on IGN)

2. Click the “Get my beta key” button

3. you can see the activation code and instructions to get the game

Free Beta Key

You will need to have a steam account to play the game. Your beta key will grant you 6 gift copies of the game once redeemed