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Bend - a replacement for Notepad


I was using Notepad++ as a text editor. Today I came across another notepad alternative Bend an Open source text editor which is light weighted and have some cool features

Bend is a modern text editor. Bend takes off after the Zune client, but doesn't constrain itself to it. Find on page borrows from Apple Safari. Tabs are Google Chome inspired. This text editor aims to be elegant, clean and a pleasure to work in. It exploits XAML / WPF to render beautiful hardware  accelerated text, each feature is carefully selected to balance performance and style.

If you want to use Bend on your computer you will need

1. Microsoft .Net framework 4.0

2. Windows Installer 3.1

They says it will work on Vista/ Xp with SP3 and Windows 7 even they are asking Windows 7 on the pre requisites.


- Tabs

- Find on page

- Zoom Ctrl+Mouse wheel

- Syntax highlighting (Extensible and supports .asp/.boo/.bat/.coco/.cpp/.cs/.html/.java/.js/.php/.vb/.xml)

- Explorer integration

- Application Update framework

-Find and Replace with RegEx support

Read more and download (project is removed from codeplex)