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Auslogic Benchtown - Bechmark your PC

Auslogic Bench Mark7-28-2011 4-32-20 PM

Auslogic Benchtown is an application which will benchmark your system. Currently it is in Beta version. You can see the benchmarking results of my PC above.

Auslogic Benchtown  can test the performances of CPU, RAM, HDD, and graphics, which you can change from the program settings tab. It will not take much time to finish the tests. The System information tab will provide you details about your system like Operating System, DirectX Version, CPU details, Motherboard details, Memory (Ram) details, Hard Disk details and Graphics Card details.

Auslogics BenchTown tests all aspects of computer performance, including CPU, RAM, HDD, and graphics.

it also provides detailed system information

By default, Auslogics BenchTown tests all computer subsystems – CPU, RAM, HDD, 2D graphics and 3D gaming graphics. If you don’t want to run the whole test and would rather benchmark only some components, you can configure the program to test custom aspects of computer performance.

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