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Apple to manufacture iPhones in India from April 2017, this may see it price devices lower

Apple iPhones could soon be manufactured in India. One of the Cupertino company's OEM partner, Winstron, which is based in Taiwan, is setting up a factory in Peenya, Bengaluru.

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This does not come as a surprise, because, earlier this year Apple CEO, Tim Cook, visited India and even set up a design and development accelerator in Bengaluru, for the iOS developer community. It is clear, Apple looks at India as a key market, and may finally be taking steps to make it a priority.

The production of the Apple iPhones in India, will start from April 2017. This means that Apple can avoid the 12.5% import duty, which our Government levies for devices which are not manufacured in India. This in turn could possibly contribute to Apple iPhones being priced lower in India.

The reason why Apple is working with Winstron in India, instead of its usual OEM, Foxconn, (also based in Taiwan), is busy working with Xiaomi, and OnePlus in India.

If Apple gets things right, and by that I mean the pricing of the iPhones, the smartphone market in India, currently ruled by Android, may be up for some pretty serious competition. That’s something we really want to happen.

via: The Times of India