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App to Identify Plants

identify plants app

World Environment Day is close. Here we are going to discuss about an application which will be helpful for those who love plants and trees and want to identify a plant, or those who study about them and want to help others. The name of the application is “PlantNet Plant Identification”, and is available on Android and iOS.b This application is developed by four French research organizations (Cirad, INRA, Inria and IRD), and the Tela Botanica network, with the financial support of Agropolis foundation.

If you do not have an Android or iOS device you may use their website  -

First get the application for your Android devices from Play Store or for iOS devices from iTunes.

2. You can create an account if you want.

3. Select the camera icon at the bottom of the application (You will have to give permission to access the camera, and gallery).


4. Take a picture, or select a photo from the gallery


5. It can be a leaf, flower, fruit or steam of a plant, select the type


6. It will display matching results

results 1

7. You can scroll down and find the image exactly matching your sample

result 2

once you confirm , you may choose to submit your sample to the server or not.

On this example I have used the following photo as sample, and got the result from the list.


The results will better if you upload the photo of a specific part of the plant.

It doesn't allow the identification of ornamental plants. It works even better than the pictures submitted are focused on one organ. Pictures of tree leaves on uniform background provide the most relevant results.

You can also share photos of plants which you know the details with others through this application.