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Anonymous guide on How to find ISIS related websites


Earlier we covered news about Anonymous started working against ISIS after the paris attack, Hundreds of ISIS twitter accounts leaked by Anonymous.  Now Anonymous asked help for the people to find ISIS related websites, and released Instructions for finding ISIS-related websites. They released a noob's guide' for fighting Isis online. It includes setting up twitter bot to uncover ISIS accounts and also  a guide to find accounts.

You can read one from them which says “Instructions for finding ISIS-related websites”

1. Get Python at unless you already have it (Mac does)

2. Open Terminal (or Command Prompt for Windows) and type (without quotes) "python"

3. Now, this step requires a little explanation. Let's set this out neatly, shall we...

  • Copy the contents of the following link to your clipboard
  • The contents of that link are some search terms that relate to ISIS and their content, allowing you to narrow down the results to specific ones
  • Paste the strings into the Terminal and press Enter

4. Choose a couple of strings (3 recommended) from the list of strings. For this example we will use strings 3+38+46

5. Once chosen, continue in terminal (without quotes) "print(str3+str38+str42)" and copy the results

6. Paste the results in and analyze the new results To translate pages, it is recommended to use Google Chrome, which has integrated translation

7. Submit any valid ones to one of the channel operators and we will deal with the info accordingly

Some groups related to ISIS warned people that they will attack the people who will support Anonymous.

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