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Android games and Apps with no in-app purchases

Pay Once and Play - Android apps without microtransactions

If you are android user and may came to the situations of using in-app purchases from a game which you may downloaded for free or even paid for it.  Watch this video from Nerd³ which covers the game Drungeon Keeper which is having a lot of in-app purchases

Have you ever wondered how you can easily find  games which do not have in app purchase , so it allows you to play with out paying additional money? Here is a page which collected so many applications and games which do not have in app applications.

You may sort the page by

Cost  - Paid, Free or Both

Score – one to five or any

Category – Action , adventure , Arcade music etc.

Also you may exclude permissions such as location, personal information etc.

Click on an application will display the details of the app and links to the Google Play store or Amazon App store to get it.

Pay once and play games for android

So this is the website you wanted and have look here and find wonderful games without any in-app purchases and enjoy the game with out paying additionally.

Update:Here we are adding one more list which will help you to find applications and games which will not have in app purchases. It will be easy to categorize paid and Free Apps on this website. You can have a look on this -